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BF Suma XPower Man Plus Capsules

BF Suma XPower Man Plus Capsules



Do you have a big night planned? Want to make sure you're looking and feeling your best? Then XPOWER MAN CAPSULES is the product for you! These capsules are specially formulated to promote sexual activities, relieve fatigue and exhaustion, improve fertility, and treat erectile dysfunction. So whether you're planning a romantic night out or just want to feel refreshed and energized, XPOWER MAN CAPSULES can help. Just take one capsule before bed and let the power of nature take effect!

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Xpoweman plus capsules Features:  

  • Increases Sperm Count and Volume  
  • Improves Sexual Desires  
  • Powerful Natural Aphrodisiac Substances  
  • Made by BF Suma USA  
  • Quantity: 30 Capsules  

Xpoweman plus capsules Benefits:  

  • Improves Sexual Desires:Enhances libido and sexual arousal, improving overall sexual satisfaction.  
  • Builds Stamina and Enhances Athletic Performance:Increases endurance and stamina, promoting better physical performance during intimate moments and athletic activities.  
  • Increases Sperm Count and Volume:Boosts sperm production and improves semen volume, enhancing fertility and reproductive health.  
  • Prevents Male Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction:Helps maintain healthy erectile function and prevents issues like impotence and erectile dysfunction.  
  • Relieves Fatigue and Exhaustion:Reduces fatigue and exhaustion, providing energy and vitality for better sexual performance.  
  • Improves Masculine Power and Strength:Enhances masculine power, strength, and virility, promoting confidence and self-assurance.  
  • Increases Penile Muscles:Supports penile muscle growth and strength, leading to firmer and longer-lasting erections.  
  • Good at Reversing Masturbation Effects:Assists in reversing the adverse effects of excessive masturbation, promoting sexual wellness.  

xpowerman plus benefits

Active Ingredients:  

  • Fresh Maca  
  • Epimedium  
  • Black Ginger  
  • L-Arginine  
  • Taurine  

Dosage or Usage:  

Take 2 caps X Power Man Plus capsules daily after meals.  

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.  

Side Effects:  

May include mood changes, increased energy, sweating, feelings of being hot, decreased thyroid function, and nausea.   


Not a Substitute for Drugs  

Keep Out of Reach of Children  

Don’t take it with alcohol and other sexual stimulants.  

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