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BF Suma NT Diarr pills

BF Suma NT Diarr pills



Are you sick of dealing with toothaches, menstrual cramps, and diarrhea? It's time to take some NT Diarr pills, the magical pills for instant relief from pain. These red bamboo pills, are composed purely of natural ingredients and are designed to relieve diarrhea, toothache, and menstrual discomfort. Don't allow these challenges to hold you back. With fast-acting NT Diarr pills, you can travel with confidence. Become in charge of your digestive happiness. Live a pain-free life. Grab your pack right now for instant relief.  

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NT Diarr Pills Features:

  • Magical Remedies for Diarrhea:  

NT Diarr Pills offer a strong and magical therapy for rapid relief of diarrhea and associated pain.

  • Dietary Supplement: 

These red bamboo tablets are an effective dietary supplement that provides all-around support for the digestive system.

  • Natural ingredients:

A gentle yet powerful combination is ensured by the use of only natural ingredients, such as Cortex Phellodendri and Muliuyou.

  • Reducing gastrointestinal:

Dysfunctions such as nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss is the goal of this formulation.


There are 20 pills in each pills, which should be more than enough for your needs.


BF Suma USA, is the manufacturer. a trusted brand in health and wellness,  

NT Diarr Pills Benefits:

  • Quick Relief:  

Offers immediate, long-lasting relief from the symptoms of diarrhea and Ulcers.

  • Versatile Pain Relief:  

Effectively reduces pain from toothaches, period discomfort, diarrhea,  and other conditions.

  • Holistic Intestinal Comfort:

Reduces painful sensations in the intestines brought on by a variety of illnesses, such as gastroenteritis and food poisoning, with the help of holistic intestinal comfort.

  • Anti-Bacterial Protection:  

Provides the digestive tract with anti-bacterial protection through the use of Cortex Phellodendri and Muliuyou.

  • Restores Appetite:  

NT Diarr Pills quickly restore appetite and encourage a balanced diet.

  • Calms the Stomach:  

This method effectively soothes the stomach, relieving nausea brought on by a variety of circumstances.

  • Controls Vomiting:  

Improves overall comfort by providing dependable control over vomiting brought on by acute gastrointestinal problems.

Active Ingredients:

NT Diarr Pills contain Cortex Phellodendri and Muliuyou, providing the mentioned benefits.

NT Diarr Pills Dosage:

  • Adult: 4 pills
  • Children (5-10 years old): 2 pills
  • Children (11-15 years old): 3 pills
  • Take the pills 3 times daily. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.  


Store in a cool place at room temperature and keep out of reach of children.

NT Diarr Pills Side Effects:

If taken overdose, it can cause constipation

When taken as recommended, no side effects are noticed and if you are a victim of constipation, please talk to our team of health professionals to address the potential alternatives  


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