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BF Suma Novel Depile Capsules

BF Suma Novel Depile Capsules



Are you sick and tired of hemorrhoids? 
Try Novel Depile Capsules for pain, burning, and itching relief without the need for surgery. They are a 100% natural treatment. Say goodbye to discomfort following a bowel movement and welcome to days without interruption. In addition to relieving symptoms, Novel Depile Capsules promote a healthy vein tone to prevent additional complications. Take charge of your situation, obtain long-lasting relief, and begin living a pain-free life. Get Novel Depile Capsules now.

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Novel Depile Capsules Features:  

  • Dietary Supplement:   

They are a simple, clinically validated method for controlling hemorrhoids.  

  • Natural Citrus compounds:   

These capsules are made from high-quality and natural citrus Extracts to provide longer relief.  

  • Promotes Healthy Vein Tone: 

They are designed specifically to treat hemorrhoids and chronic venous insufficiency.  

  • Quantity:   

There is a sufficient amount of 60 capsules in each bottle.  

  • Manufacturer:   

Novel Depile Capsules are manufactured by BF Suma USA, a reputable brand in wellness,   

Novel Depile Capsules Benefits:  

Studies on the active ingredients, citrus extract, and its derivative have showcased numerous benefits for those suffering from hemorrhoids:  

  • Treats Hemorrhoids:   

Provides efficient relief from the aching, pain, suffering, and discomfort brought on by hemorrhoids.  

  • Reduces Anus discomfort & Irritation:   

Offers calming comfort, minimizing discomfort and irritability in the impacted region.  

  • Calms Bleeding Hemorrhoids:   

Provides additional relief by acting as a soothing agent and treating bleeding hemorrhoids.  

  • Minimizes Pain Following Bowel Movement:   

Designed to minimize pain following a bowel movement so that everyday activities can continue comfortably.    

Active Ingredients:  

Citrus extract, citrus extract's derivate

Suggested Dosage:  

Follow the suggested dosage guidelines for optimal results:  

  • Take with meals for enhanced absorption.  
  • For chronic venous insufficiency: 2 capsules daily.  
  • For chronic hemorrhoid disease: 2 capsules daily.  
  • Initial phase: 2 capsules 3 times daily for 4 days  
  • Followed by 2 capsules twice daily for 3 days  
  • Then 2 capsules there after.  
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage to ensure safety and efficacy.  


Store in a dry place at room temperature to maintain the product's integrity.  

Side Effects:  

Novel Depile Capsules are made entirely of natural substances, so you can relax knowing that there are no negative side effects.  

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