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Feeling drained or imbalanced? Take charge with Quad Reishi Capsules!  

These powerful capsules combine 100% natural Yunzhi, Ganoderma, Chaga, and Antrodia extracts to support your overall health.  

Looking for a natural immune booster? Quad Reishi Capsules can help keep you protected and feeling your best.  

Struggling with blood sugar concerns? Because of chaga extracts, these capsules help promote healthy blood sugar levels for balanced energy.  

Worried about lung or liver health? This is a secret for those who are active or want to be more active, These capsules can support the function of these vital organs.  

Quad Reishi Capsules - a simple, natural way to feel your best. Don't wait any longer, try Quad Reishi Capsules today and experience the difference for yourself. You will thank me later!  

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Bf suma Quad-Reishi Capsules Features:  

  • Nutritional Supplement for Immunity: Tailored to fortify your immune system.  

  • Fine-Extracts from Four Reishi Species: A perfect 1:1:1:1 ratio supporting liver health.  

  • Quantity: 60 capsules for extended wellness.  

  • Active Ingredients: Reishi Extract, Coriolus Versicolor Extract, Chaga Extract, Antrodia Camphorate Extract.  

  • Brand: BF SUMA, a trusted name in health.  

Bf suma Quad-Reishi Capsules Benefits:  

  • Boosts Immune System:   

The powerful immune-boosting properties of Quad-Reishi Capsules help your body fight inflammation and become less vulnerable to disease.  


  • Cancer Prevention:   

These capsules, which are developed with preventive abilities, have an important role in preventing cancer. The special combination of Reishi species strengthens your body's defenses against substances that could cause cancer.  


  • Blood Sugar Balance:   

By promoting normal blood sugar levels, the capsules improve the general health of those who are concerned about preserving the ideal glucose balance.  


  • Regulation of Cholesterol:   

Heart health depends on keeping cholesterol at ideal levels. The Quad-Reishi Capsules actively contribute to the regulation of cholesterol levels, creating an environment in your body that is heart-healthy.  


  • Liver and Heart Health:   

These capsules support the health of major organs, specifically the liver and heart, with a priority on psychological health. Heart health is important for a strong cardiovascular system, and a healthy liver enhances detoxification and metabolic strength.  


  • Antiviral protection:   

The capsules offer strong protection against viral threats by acting as a barrier against infections. By boosting your body's defenses against common viruses, they improve your overall health.  


  • Diabetes Prevention:   

These capsules act as protection against Type 2 diabetes. They help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and lower the chance of developing diabetes by treating diabetes-related conditions.  


  • Energy Boost:   

The supplements offer a natural energy boost that increases energy and alertness. This constant energy boosts concentration increases output, and enhances general well-being.  


  • Respiratory Support:   

The capsules provide all-around respiratory support by strengthening the lungs, improving cough healing, and reducing breathlessness.   


  • Detoxification:   

The capsules help for assisting your body get rid of toxins because they support lung and liver detox. Detoxification aids in interior purification and proper organ performance.  

Active Ingredients:  

BF Suma Quad-Reishi Capsules contain precious extracts from four types of Reishi mushrooms, meticulously sourced for specialized health benefits.   

  • Ganoderma from the Changbai mountains  

  • Chang mushrooms from Serbia  

  • Yunzhi from Yunnan forests  

  • Antrodia mushrooms from Taiwanese mountains.  


  • Recommended: Take 2 capsules daily.  

  • Initiation Period: For at least 3 weeks to experience initial effects.  

  • Caution: Do not exceed the recommended dosage.  

  • Safety: Keep out of reach of children.  


Store in a cool place for product potency.  


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