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BF Suma Dr.Ts Toothpaste

BF Suma Dr.Ts Toothpaste



Have you ever wished your teeth were shining, without discomfort, and healthy?  

With 4D (4 dimensions) tooth protection, Dr. Ts Toothpaste gives you the confidence to smile! It fights bacteria, Repair gums, and strengthens teeth by combining strong cleansing with herbal ingredients.  

Imagine a bright, clean mouth and a smile that makes you proud. Dr. Ts Toothpaste leaves your breath smelling minty fresh and helps prevent decay. It also relieves discomfort.  

Ready to experience the power of 4D oral care? Try Dr. Ts Toothpaste! It's the perfect solution for a healthy, confident smile    

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Bf Suma Dr. Ts Toothpast Features:  

  • 4D Cares for Your Teeth  
  • Double Active Factors  
  • Super Cleaning Factor  
  • Herbal Nourishing Factor  
  • Natural Teeth Whitening Solution  
  • Deep Pore and Inhibit Oral Germs  
  • Stops gum pain and gum bleeding  
  • Strengthens Teeth and Prevents Tooth Decay  
  • Freshens Your Breath  
  • Brand: BF Suma: A reputable brand known for quality health products.  

Bf Suma Dr. Ts Toothpast Benefits:  

  • Cleans and whitens Your Teeth:Thoroughly cleans teeth, ensuring a bright and healthy white smile in just 14 days.  
  • Prevents Tooth Cavities:The super cleaning factor actively prevents the formation of cavities.  
  • Strengthens Your Enamel:    Fortifies enamel, enhancing the strength and resilience of your teeth.  
  • Stops gum pain and gum bleeding:addresses gum issues by soothing aches and reducing bleeding.  
  • Eliminates Bad Breath:The herbal factors work to freshen your breath, eliminating bad odors to give you a mint smell for the whole day.  
  • Deep Pore and Inhibit Oral Germs:This works to deeply cleanse pores and inhibit the growth of oral germs for improved oral hygiene.  
  • 4D Cares for Your Teeth:    Dr. Ts Toothpaste provides comprehensive oral care with its 4D approach, addressing cleaning, nourishing, pore inhibition, and gum health.  
  • Herbal Nourishing Factor:The green herbal factor, with notoginseng, green tea, and lonicera Japonic, nourishes teeth and gums, freshens breath, and reduces inflammation.  

Active Ingredients:   

  • Blue Cleaning Factor  
  • Green Herbal Factor  
  • Ginseng essence  

Dosage or Usage:  

Use Dr. Ts toothpaste twice daily for optimal results.  

two minutes at least each time, with correct brushing habits, and rinse your mouth.  

Side Effects:  

  • Rest assured, Dr TS Toothepaste has no side effects   
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children  


Don't swallow  

Children under 6 should be supervised by adults.  


Store in a Cool Place at Room Temperature  

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